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Nom : The McGill Law Journal Podcast

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Description : Under volume 57, the McGill Law Journal became the first Canadian legal journal to launch a significant podcast series. The goal was to increase the Journal’s online presence by providing a forum in which to discuss important legal questions, while connecting with our audience in a deeper way. Please email if you have any questions or suggestions regarding our Podcast series.

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    The McGill Law Journal Podcast

  • mp3À la frontière des pouvoirs: l'arrêt Jordan au Québec
    La décision de la Cour Suprême dans l’affaire Jordan est rendue à l’été 2016. Le jugement met en place un plafond ferme pour les délais des procédures criminelles. Comment en est-on arrivé là ? Comment la Cour justifie-t-elle sa décision ? Quelles sont les conséquences de cet arrêt au Québec... Lire la suite »
  • mp3Aboriginal Imprisonment: a story behind the numbers
    In 1999, the Supreme Court ruled in R v Gladue that courts must courts “take judicial notice of the broad systemic and background factors affecting aboriginal people, and of the priority given in aboriginal cultures to a restorative approach to sentencing.” Thirteen years later, the Court made it clear in... Lire la suite »
  • mp3Supreme Court Fall 2016 Overview, ft Thomas Slade
    Over the fall, the Supreme has tackled a wide range of issues from privacy to duty to consult to freedom of religion. Justice Cromwell's retirement gives us the opportunity to reflect upon its judicial legacy; Justice Rowe's appointment placed the new appointment process under the spotlight. To get an overview of the... Lire la suite »
  • mp3See Something, Say Something: Whistleblowing, Society, and the Law
    Edward Snowden. Chelsea Manning. Julian Assange. While divisive figures such as these have dominated news cycles and been the subject of fierce debate throughout the last decade, whistleblowing is neither a new phenomenon nor one that is strictly American. Who are some key Canadian whistleblowers? How might the law protect... Lire la suite »
  • mp3BONUS EPISODE: Revenge Porn, Tort Law and Privacy - ND Strikes Back
    You've heard our two podcasts on revenge porn, tort law and privacy. This brief podcast offers an important update on the case that was the catalyst for that conversation — Jane Doe 464533 v ND (2016 ONSC 541).    After we released both podcasts, we received a letter from ND's lawyer. This... Lire la suite »
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